Healthy Eats for a Day

It was spring break this past week, and I was trying to find something on the healthy side to eat, because my friend and I weren’t eating the best. I decided that a salad with other foods on top would suffice. So I set out and raided my cousin’s fridge and this is what I had come up with… No Pinterest Link this week, just whatever was in my cousin’s fridge!


Baby Spinach

Grilled Chicken



Scrambled Eggs

Quinoa cooked with Broccoli (Pre-made by my cousin)


Pomegranate Vinaigrette

Pinterest Blog Salad8

Step 1: See what you have in your fridge (Or in my case, my cousin’s fridge).

Pinterest Blog Salad6

Step 2: I had a couple of eggs, so I scrambled them and put them on top.

Step 3: I left the quinoa and grilled chicken cold.

Pinterest Blog Salad7

Step 4: Then cut the celery and carrots how ever small you want them. Place in bowl.

Step 5: Voilà, It’s now time to enjoy!

Pinterest Blog Salad3

It ended up being really yummy and was very filling. It was a good healthy option as opposed to Bojangles, In In Out or whatever fast food you have in your area. You can really just add anything into your salad that you enjoy, you can go with a savory or a sweet salad, mine was somewhere in between. Also, the egg I added in was supposed to be over easy, but I messed it up so i turned it into a scrambled egg, still delicious! haha


Shannon Maddex


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