Dreaming About Snow Cream

I don’t know about you but snow cream is the perfect solution to being cooped up in an apartment! So below I will show you the simplicity of how to make this yummy winter treat! Remember, your aren’t supposed to make it during the first snow… I think I was told it was bad luck or something… I don’t know, but advised by my roommates, just DON’T do it! 

The Pinterest link I followed:



4 cups of Fresh Snow (or however much you want to make)

1 Big Bowl (I bought this from Walmart a while back and it is what I usually use for snow cream)

1 tsp. of Vanilla Extract 

1 cup of Sugar (you can add more or less depending on how sweet you want it.. honestly i think we used a cup and a half of sugar in the end)

1-2 cups of Milk (I used almond milk because of my allergy to cow milk, but any milk will do!)

Pinterest Blog Snow Cream4

Pinterest Blog Snow Cream7

Step 1: Leave your bowl outside during a snow storm.

Pinterest Blog Snow Cream

Step 2: Bring it inside when you have the amount of snow that you want. (This took about 2-3 hours to fill up to the amount that I wanted)

Pinterest Blog Snow Cream5

Step 3: Mix in milk, sugar and vanilla into the bowl with the snow.

Step 4: Voilà, It’s now time to enjoy!

Pinterest Blog Snow Cream6

Thank you for reading my blog! I really enjoy making this food and sharing it with my roommates! The snow cream was enjoyed by everyone and I was sad to see it all gone! I hope it snows one more time so I can make it again! 


Shannon Maddex


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