I’m Becoming as Southern as Sweet Tea.

So being in the south, I think it’s a given that I will be drinking sweet tea. I now know how to make my own and its a magical (and probably really unhealthy) thing to know how to make! I honestly drink tea sweet OR unsweet, but my roommates can’t do without the sugar. (I personally think their veins may be made of sugar.. lol)

I used my roommate’s mom’s recipe, so there will be no Pinterest link this time 🙂


2 cups of white cane sugar

pot of water

Lipton Tea, Make sure there is no lemon flavoring or any other flavoring for that matter (Unless that’s what you want).

Also, make sure it’s the brown plain tea in the large bags! (If you can’t find the large bags just use 2-3!)

A large Pitcher

Pinterest Blog Sweet Tea

Step 1: Boil the pot full of water. While waiting add the two cups of sugar to the pitcher.

Pinterest Blog Sweet Tea3

Step 2: Add the tea packet to the boiling water.

Step 3: Keep at a boil for one minute.

Pinterest Blog Sweet Tea4

Step 4: Turn off burner and place pot on unheated burner.

Pinterest Blog Sweet Tea2

Step 5: When cooled add the tea to the pitcher. If not full, continue adding water into the pitcher until it’s full.

Step 6: Voilà, It’s now time to enjoy!

Pinterest Blog Sweet Tea6Love me some good southern sweet tea, terrible for the diet, great for the soul! I hope that it brings you and your friends together like it does mine 🙂 


Shannon Maddex


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