Pork Chops and Bell Peppers

Tonight I made pork chops! My roommate and I were going to cook them on Monday, but it just kept getting later and later, so we decide on fast-food. But, tonight was a great meal and I was glad to be able to cook a good home meal. 

The Pinterest post I loosely followed was: 


However, I didn’t want to use flour because thats just more work, and I was tired and had an assignment due by 10pm, so i did it the quick way, which turned out just as delicious and crispy!

Ingredients I used:

-Country Crock Butter




-Pork Chops (Any amount you want)

-Bell Peppers (Ours were frozen)

Pinterest Blog Pork Chops5

Step 1:

Turn stove top to medium heat and place spoonful of butter into the pan.

Step 2:

Place pork chops into the pan and shake as much salt, pepper and garlic as desired on to the meat.

Pinterest Blog Pork Chops3Step 3:

Turn the pork chops over when golden brown. Wait for other side to do the same.

Step 4: 

Cut a sliver into the meat to make sure the middle isn’t pink. Place the meat on to a serving plate so you can cook the bell peppers.

Step 5:

Do not empty the leftover contents that are in the pan, we will use that to cook into the bell peppers for extra flavor.

Pinterest Blog Pork Chops2

Step 6: 

Place frozen bell pepper into the still heated pan and cook until heated.

Step 7:

Place all of the contents strategically on a plate so it looks beautiful to take a photo for blog 😉

Step 8:

Voilà, It’s now time to enjoy!

Pinterest Blog Pork Chops

Thank you for learning the odd way that I cook my pork chops! I don’t really like to cook conventionally, and it usually ends up great! So, I hope you are enjoying what I made. It’s really fun trying new things I find on Pinterest! Tune in to find out what I will be cooking for next week’s post!

Shannon Maddex


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