Homemade Burrito Bowls

Will they be as good as Chipotle with our own twist, or is this going to be a dud? My roommate and I drop a lot of money at Chipotle, but we finally have similar items to cook the burrito bowls ourselves. Fingers crossed that these are just as delicious!

This is the link off of Pinterest that I loosely followed:


Ingredients that we found around the kitchen:

-Ground Beef

-Queso (White Cheese Dip)- This is what inspired us for the whole meal


-Bell Peppers

-Black Beans



-Salt/Pepper/ & any seasoning you desire. I used dried garlic and Cilantro. Also, pictured below is the cheese we used.

BLOG- Chipotle Bowl3

BLOG- Chipotle Bowl5


BLOG- Chipotle Bowl1

Step One:

 I cooked the ground beef first, I figured that would take the longest.

BLOG- Chipotle Bowl2

Step Two:

I cooked the bell peppers and onions and then added the meat into the cooked peppers so that the meat mixes with the flavors.

BLOG- Chipotle Bowl7

Step Three:

I put the black beans in a separate pot (My roommate is picky and doesn’t like beans or rice… which is why I’m leaving out the rice in this recipe) and take the meat mixture off of the heat for a few minutes.

BLOG- Chipotle Bowl10

Step Four: 

Put the queso into the meat and peppers and put back on the stover burner. Stir in the heat until the cheese is melted into the beef.

Step Five: 

Turn off the burners and take the pans off of the heat.

BLOG- Chipotle Bowl9

Step Six: 

Put into your bowl.

Step Seven:

Add toppings. optional: Tomato, Spinach and black beans.

BLOG- Chipotle Bowl8

Step Eight:

Mix in the bowl and eat with chips.

Step Nine:

Voilà, Time to eat!

Don’t be afraid to add anything else you’d love to eat with Mexican food and make your own recipe!

This turned out way yummier than I was expecting and it was a hit with all my roommates! It wasn’t like chipotle because we used ground beef and queso, but it was delicious none the less. I will definitely be using this recipe again!


Shannon Maddex


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